optometria a Rapallo

At Ottica Lagani it is possible to undergo an in-depth optometric examination, capable of providing a complete picture of the patient’s visual situation and providing all the necessary information for treatments and recommending specific visual aids, glasses and contact lenses.
The head of the optometry clinic is a professional with proven experience, Mr. Paolo Lagani, who has gained aover thirty years of experience in the field of vision measurement and contact lens fitting. Ottica Lagani’s optometry clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art tools useful for carrying out all the main diagnostic investigations, for a complete eye exam.

The tools for measuring sight
To carry out investigations aimed at accurately assessing the patient’s visual conditions, the optometric clinic of Ottica Lagani has the following tools:

  • Slit lamp: also known as slit biomicroscope, it is an optical instrument used for the observation of ocular tissues; allows you to view the eyeball and adnexa, the corneal layers, the vitreous and the anterior chamber, the lens and the iris.
  • Auto refractometer: it is the tool that makes it possible to accurately assess the degree of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. It also allows the evaluation of the transparency of the ocular media (cornea and crystalline), recognizing any opacities (leucoma or cataract).

All the tools just described are non-invasive, that is, they allow you to carry out the related investigations without any kind of contact with the eye and without the instillation of drops.

We also perform optometric visual screenings and we deal with specialist contactology, we treat LAC for cases of keratoconus.

We are able to apply all types of contact lenses, from simple soft disposable lenses to scleral and mini-scleral lenses. Each patient is subsequently followed through a plan of periodic checks and scheduled reminders.

We treat cases of low vision in collaboration with health specialists, we are able to prepare and supply the optical aids prescribed by the doctor (our optical center has an agreement with the ASL).

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We actively collaborate with ophthalmologists and orthoptists in compliance with each other’s professional skills and we do not perform ophthalmological services. For any case studies concerning symptoms, traumas and ocular pathologies, we recommend that you contact your ophthalmologist directly. All the activities performed in our center are exclusively of an optometric and optical nature. Therefore, no diagnoses, therapies or acts of medical and orthoptic competence are performed. We actively collaborate with ophthalmologists and orthoptists, who have the exclusive right to treat the patient according to the terms of the law.